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Journal of the Dermatology Nurses' Association

June 2011, Volume 3 Number 3 , p 166 - 167


  • Christina P. Linton


ATROPHIC - A thinning of tissue modified by the location. In epidermal atrophy, the epidermis becomes transparent with a loss of skin texture and cigarette paper-like wrinkling. In dermal atrophy, there is a loss of connective tissue and the lesion is depressed.Example: Atrophoderma of Pasini and PieriniCRAQUELED - Fine fissures and cracks in the skin.Example: Asteatotic eczemaCRIBIFORM - Sieve-like; containing many perforations.Example: Vegetative pyoderma gangrenosumCRUSTED - A hardened layer that results when serum, blood, or purulent exudate dries on the skin surface. Crusts are yellow-brown when formed from dried serum, green or yellow-green when formed from purulent exudate, or red-black when formed by blood.Example: Crusted scabiesEDEMATOUS - Marked by an excessive accumulation of watery fluid in cells or tissues.Example: UrticariaEXUBERANT - Denoting excessive proliferation or growth.Example: KeratoacanthomaEXUDATIVE - Weeping or oozing of fluid or other materials. See weeping.Example:

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