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June 2011, Volume 41 Number 6 , p 10 - 10


  • Susan A. Salladay PhD, RN


Recently, nurses on our unit developed a creative and fun computer game to teach new staff nurses how to troubleshoot the hospital's complex electronic medical records system. Imagine our surprise when the Director of Nursing (DON) named our unit manager "Nurse of the Month" for developing this learning tool. This award comes with a premier parking spot and gift certificates. Our manager graciously accepted the award without giving us a word of credit.What should we do about this?-P.O. KAN.This is a type of plagiarism, which is considered to be the theft of intellectual property. It may not be illegal in this context, but it's certainly dishonest, violates trust, and undermines staff morale.Research plagiarism so that you're well informed, then prepare to share your findings with your manager. Consider involving a representative from your human relations or employee relations department. This person can work with you to plan the conversation, monitor the situation, and assist in taking

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