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May 2011, Volume 41 Number 5 , p 14 - 14



Some experienced nurses on my unit seem to have a bias against new graduate nurses (like me) who want to utilize evidence-based practices (EBP) we learned about in school. These veteran nurses call EBP "excessively bothersome practice" and resist changing their long-standing patient-care practices based on the latest "fads."I don't think EBP is a fad, but I don't want to alienate my new colleagues by seeming argumentative. What's the best way to handle this?-N.B., ONTARIOFear and anxiety affect not only new graduate nurses in those first months on the job, but also veteran nurses who may perceive them as better educated and potential threats. Work-related changes and adjustments in responsibilities are also stressful, which can interfere with an individual's willingness to embrace productive changes.But these are barriers that need to be overcome. Our consultant suggests that you talk with your nurse manager about your concerns, which are legitimate. Keeping a professional tone, emphasize

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