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March 2011, Volume 41 Number 3 , p 12 - 12


  • Joy Ufema MS, RN


After 12 years in nursing, I feel that I now possess a good mix of professionalism and common sense. Can you share a patient-care experience that epitomized that combination?-J.S., MINN.A friend's father, "Walt," was terminally ill and couldn't live alone on his cherished family farm any longer. My friend begged her father to move in with her and her family but he refused, saying he needed to die at the farm. However, because the farmhouse had become uninhabitable, she found a small nursing facility for him nearby. Walt wasn't happy, but my friend's fears subsided because she knew he was safe.A few days after admission, the dying man asked a compassionate young nurse to take him out to the farm for one last visit. She made the appropriate arrangements and bundled him off in her truck.She steered his wheelchair down a small incline to the pond. The late autumn colors of oak and maple reflected in the water. The farmer sighed, sad but content. As he slumped a bit deeper into the chair the

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