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January 2011, Volume 41 Number 1 , p 12 - 12



Nurses working the night shift sometimes bring donuts or plates of food to the break room for all to share. Recently we've noticed members of the housekeeping staff carrying the food away. We're happy to share, but we don't think it's fair that most of our food is carried off before the nurses have a chance to eat it!! Is this theft? How can we handle this without seeming petty?-R.K., IOWACarrying away food without permission could indeed be considered theft, but make sure everyone is on the same page before making accusations.Ask your manager to step in. Your manager should contact the head of housekeeping and establish ground rules for food in the break room. For example, housekeeping staff is welcome to participate when nurses bring in food for all, but any food left unattended should be considered personal property and not removed without permission.Housekeeping is responsible for cleaning up abandoned food, but if there is any question about whether the food is still good, the housekeeper

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