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August 2010, Volume 40 Number 8 , p 67 - 67


  • Deanna Lynn Boothe BSN, RN
  • Shelley Ann Harris BSN, RN, OCN


FALLS AMONG hospitalized patients continue to be a problem. The Joint Commission has established a National Patient Safety Goal that mandates accredited organizations will "reduce the risk of patient harm resulting from falls."1 The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have labeled hospital-acquired falls as "never events"—preventable incidents that should never occur in a clinical care setting.2 Facilities will no longer be reimbursed for patient injuries resulting from such falls.3 These initiatives are catalysts for healthcare facilities to strengthen their fall prevention programs.Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital's fall prevention team has recently implemented the fall scene investigation (FSI) as a performance improvement strategy to prevent falls. The focus of the FSI is to analyze each fall and implement new initiatives to avoid future falls. This article describes how FSI enhances patient safety and quality of care. Let's turn our attention to a typical FSI.Roger

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