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July 2010, Volume 40 Number 7 , p 65 - 65


  • Joy Ufema RN, MS


After working in the NICU for 18 years, I've dealt with some sad deaths, but I believe I grieved appropriately and continued providing good patient care. Now our hospital's merging with a university medical center, and many of us are being transferred to other units. This sounds silly, but it feels like a death for me. Am I wrong to grieve?—P.R., CALIF.Feelings are neither right nor wrong; they're just feelings. If you perceive this situation as similar to a death, then that's your truth and it requires validation. Like death, this change was thrust upon you, unexpectedly, nonnegotiable, and final. I think your feelings are normal and justified.You've been a professional caregiver for a long time. You've honed your skills and have a strong sense of devotion to your tiny patients. I suspect that you'll be a magnificent nurse wherever you practice.Don't forget, you do have choices. If you're committed to your specialty, you may want to look for employment

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